Prioritizing tasks and setting goals

Assess the impact of the task: Find out which tasks or activities have the most significant impact on achieving marketing goals. Consider factors such as return on investment (ROI), customer engagement with your brand, or how well your target audience connects with your company.

Assess task urgency: Determine which tasks require immediate attention and which tasks can be done later. At the beginning, focus on time-sensitive tasks whose deadlines are approaching or which are otherwise critical from the point of view of the success of marketing campaigns.

Use the Eisenhower Matrix: The Eisenhower Matrix is ​​a popular time management tool that helps you prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency. There are four categories in total. Most tasks should be in the “Important but not urgent” category.

Controlling and limiting time

Allocating time to build automation is of prime importance. This technique involves scheduling specific time slots for specific tasks. When you reserve several hours at a time from the calendar for building marketing automation, you ensure that you regularly have enough time to build automation. Without distractions. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Identify key tasks: define the key tasks France Phone Number List of building marketing automation. These include e.g. deciding on the necessary program, familiarizing yourself with the program, technically building the automation, writing welcome letters and creating the joining process.
  2. Determine the optimal working hours: analyze your own working days to identify the periods when you can do the necessary tasks without interruption. Think about your own energy levels and when you are most productive to maximize the time you spend on tasks.
  3. Set realistic times: estimate in advance the time required for each task and allocate suitable time blocks for it. It’s typical for us to underestimate the time spent on new tasks, so double the first time that comes to mind.
  4. Create a visual schedule: you can use a digital or physical calendar to create a visual schedule where it’s easy to outline clear blocks of time for necessary tasks. A visual calendar helps you stay organized and responsible for a long enough time.

How does marketing automation save time?

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Marketing automation offers significant advantages both in terms of saving time and increasing efficiency. By automating routine marketing tasks, you can streamline your work, reduce manual work and free up time for more strategic activities. Remember to be kind to yourself. It is important to understand that in the beginning it is difficult to estimate the time needed. This is not a problem, because you can schedule more time for the next week or break the tasks into smaller parts, so that there is enough time to do the tasks.

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