Remuneration to be paid The net salary

Personal income tax is the tax corresponding to workers. The company only acts as an intermiary. It must duct the portion specifi in the tax law. The account reflects this. The personal income tax withholding tax that must be paid to the employee will therefore be duct from his salary and creit until payment is made to the Treasury as it is a liability.  A worker must receive is the result of subtracting the worker’s social security contributions and withheld personal income tax from the gross salary.

This amount corresponds to the amount

The company must pay you before settlement is valid. until the money leaves our bank they will eventually go into the crit of this liability account. In this way all wages will be settl. The only thing missing now is from an accounting perspective Costa Rica Phone Number Database the payments. Made by settling the account outstanding temporary debt with the bank counterparty account. This will be the basic scheme for payroll. All major accounting items are reflected so that the company can control. The amounts that must be settled and each of its recipients Digital.

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Transformation Consulting Path to Business

Management Digital Transformation The fact is that most companies are very close to facing the so-called revolution of our time, especially if they Already supported by digital transformation consultancy. The use of computing has been around in Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List the business world for many years. Businesses use it to manage their accounts and plan their purchases and orders. The vast majority of people have an Internet presence and interact with collaborators and customers this way.

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