Creditor Social Security Organization

This item reflects the company’s mandatory social security contributions. Calculating the amount of this accounting item is complicat because it depends on the percentage approv by current regulations. Simply put this is another expense to the company that has to appear on the debit side just like gross wages. From an accounting perspective the organization has a temporary debt liability until the payments that the company must make to Social Security are settl. The debt is record in this item until it is validly paid.

This account includes the social security

Contributions paid by the company see previous section as well as the ductions applicable to the worker’s gross salary. the ductions corresponding to the payments due. Worker quota is call from your account. In other words, the amount of social security contributions payable by workers and companies is add together. The portion Croatia Phone Number Database corresponding to the worker has been includ in his total salary and is therefore debit from the account. As with the fees payable by the company its calculation depends on regulations.

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In this way the total wages of workers

The total social security payable by the company which were. Previously record on the debit side are transferr to this account. It is record on the crit. New call to action Public Treasury critors withhold taxes. In this case the company Colombia WhatsApp Number List does not have to pay anything It simply ducts the amount of personal income tax that must be withheld from the worker’s gross salary remember account and then settles it to the Treasury.

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