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Each material has its own advantages. Steel plate is the material of choice for long-term production. Long-life thin steel is st suit for mium- to long-term production while thicker steel is recommend for extra-long production. Polymer print plates on the other hand easy to use and st suit for short to mium run production. Pad Print Inks Generally speak most pad print inks fall into one of two categories: solvent-bas which cures via time and or heat and UV-bas which cures quickly via ultraviolet light.

Of course the exact type of ink you

Depends on the substrate material you plan to place your image on. For example if you print on candy or other ible products you will Singapore WhatsApp Database food grade ink. If you print on mical products you will ne mical grade ink. In addition to these special applications you also ne inks that adhere st to the substrate material whether it is glass, aluminum, plastic, etc. Pad Print Pads All pad print pads made of mold silicone rub.

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They come in an almost infinite variety

Sizes and hardnesses so you can choose the type of pad that st suits your nes. Rememr that your print pad can easily adapt to the shape of your substrate. Plus your pad hardness durometer lets you optimize your pads for jobs like print fine Philippine Email List details on precision electronics or print large images on uneven substrates. All in all, pad print represents a new era of print that can provide you with superior quality while ruc overall print costs.  What to Do If My Business Partner Gets a Divorce Next Post Key Factors in Choos a Storage Facility Editor This is the itorial office of Home Business Magazine.

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