Step Four – Title

The title of the post is ultimately the most important element of the post. If the title of the post doesn’t stand out from the crowd, the reader won’t click on it and won’t get to enjoy your quality content.

There are at least two different schools of thought for titling. Another school of thought writes the title before a single word is written about the post. Another school of thought writes the working title first, and only after the post is written do they formulate the final title.

I personally prefer a working title, in which case the final title takes shape after writing the post. I need a common thread for the post, and writing a working title helps with that.

There are a few principles that should be followed when choosing a title. The title

I know, it’s a lot to fit into six words.

But the more you practice writing headlines, the better you’ll get.

Foreign studies show that the title can be up to 18 words long. I have selected 6 words because, according to another study, people remember the first 3 and the last 3 words of a sentence. Also from the point of view of search engine optimization, 6 words is the ideal length.

You should write several different Russia Phone Number List versions of the title. Whether it’s a working title or a final title, the first version is rarely the best. You have no idea how many times I’ve wondered afterwards why I gave this post such a title…

According to the analysis made by Buzzsumo, the posts with the title starting with the following terms get the most shares:

The X in the title represents a number and specifically an odd number. That is why you will only find an even number on my blog when the year is even.

According to the same analysis, special characters should be used in the title. Special characters include parentheses, square brackets, and vertical and horizontal lines. But, for example, I wouldn’t put the % or € sign in the title myself, but I would write them open as a percentage and euro.

There are slang in the Finnish language, which can cause some problems with permalinks. I still haven’t found a reason why some blogs automatically translate slang to alphabets by default and others don’t. Before you publish a blog post, you should check the permalink. If there are special characters in place of an apostrophe, change them to the alphabet. This way, Google stays happy.

And understands your blog’s links better.

phone number list

When you’ve decided on the goal, chosen the metrics, come up with a topic, post structure and at least a working title, it’s time to write the post itself. I call this the writing process, although this includes more than just writing.

The post always starts with an opening hook, which should – as the name suggests – hook the reader to read the post from start to finish.

Before you start writing the post, recall the goal of the post and the metrics. We have gone through a lot of things and it may be that the goal has already been forgotten.

You only have a few seconds to make Phone Number List  an indelible impression on the reader. You may have made a first impression earlier, but it may also be very possible that the reader is coming to your blog for the .

In order to get readers hooked right from the beginning, the first 3–6 sentences, or 65–100 words, must be carefully thought out so that the reader wants to continue reading.

You can start the post, for example, by writing a question asked by the reader. Our brains love questions because we immediately need to find an answer to them.

Now, when the reader comes to read the post, he knows two things:

  • If he has the same question in mind, he will get the answer to the question.
  • If the question is not relevant to him, he does not have to spend unnecessary time reading through the post.

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