Sufficiently large font

Unfortunately, from time to time I see blogs where the text is very small. Although the font can be enlarged directly via a computer or mobile device, it is an extra effort for the reader. That’s why you should enlarge the font already.

I personally prefer a font size of 16–17 pixels in body text.

However, please note that if you can change the font size directly while writing, use the function intended for them in headings and subheadings.

Simply enlarging the body text to a larger font does not make a subheading a subheading.

5. Write as you would speak

I don’t know about you, but in the beginning it became typical for me to write very formal language. However, over time I got tired of it and started writing in the same style as I would talk to people. Surprisingly, this change had a positive effect on readership.

How we speak and how we write are two different things. We can usually articulate things very clearly when we talk. But when we try to write the same Thailand Phone Number List things in text, the content changes, and we don’t get the same connection with the reader as when we speak.

That’s why I always encourage everyone to imagine that there is someone sitting on the other side of the table and that you are writing to them the same way you would talk to them.

6. Use images and screenshots

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One thing I’m definitely known for is posting screenshots in posts to enhance what I’m writing.

Sometimes, when reading a text, it can Phone Number List  be difficult to understand what is being read. Especially if we are talking about instructions. But when you add screenshots alongside the written text, it’s easier for the reader to understand what he’s reading.

When he perceives, he understands and learns.

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