The good news is this

Others cannot copy your personality. You are a completely unique person with unique thoughts and opinions and skills. The people you went to school or university with think and know different things than you. They communicate differently. Because even if 100 people receive the same information, they will understand it differently, add their own experience to it and form their own opinion about it.

Therefore, your message can never be copied exactly the same way.

Then let’s go to the actual topic.

What does quality content really look like?

Many certainly think that a high-quality text must be perfect. It must not contain any typos and must be written in literary language and, and, and…

Go away.

I know and know many well-known India Phone Number List Finnish influencers, entrepreneurs and marketers whose texts are not perfect.

Perfection does not exist and if you try to be perfect you will totally exhaust yourself.

It is better to write an incomplete text to get rid of the fear of publishing.

My text reads about Saara Pilkunviilaamo, but for this post I asked her not to proofread this.

If you think that I am not The good professional enough with this kind of text, you are entitled to your own opinion. However, it does not diminish who I am and what I can do and who I have helped along the way. Thousands of students have trusted that despite the typos , I can help them make money online with blogs.

So results always come before perfection.

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Define quality standards

It is good to define certain quality standards for your own text. I have an 8-page pdf file in which I have compiled all the text I want to write.

The things I would personally pay attention to are:

  • Is the text easy to understand – if an 11-year-old read through your text, would he understand what is being said?
  • Does it progress logically from start to finish – or does it keep getting sidetracked?
  • Is the text easy to read (avoid Phone Number List jargon, dialects and sarcasm and format the text in a readable form )?
  • Does the post have a call to action, i.e. what do you want the reader to do after reading the post?
  • What kind of language do you want to use and what is your Tone of Voice?

The fact that an 11-year-old understands what is being written about does not mean that your audience is stupid and that the content needs to be “dumbed down”. Online, our brain has to work harder to read because there are so many distractions. Therefore, the easier the text is, the more confidently it is read.

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