The job of the title is therefore only to arouse curiosity and get the person to the post

The job of the title is to set the mood. What arouses enough curiosity for a person to click on a title on social media or a blog?

Instructions for writing a high-quality title can be found in the community’s training material and in this post .

The job of the title is therefore only to arouse curiosity and get the person to the post.

After this, it is the turn of the opening hook or in some cases the term ingress can be used.

The task of the opening hook is to deepen curiosity and get the reader hooked to read more by its name.

I’ll give an example.

Below is a screenshot of one Australia Phone Number List of the most shared blog posts. The title is attractive, relevant and concise. I have also added a small note at the beginning to scroll to the end of the blog post and watch the video – if the reader does not want to read the whole post through.

So I make the reader’s work easier and make the reader stop at the blog post for a longer timeIncidentally, this same technology is used in TikTok and Reels videos. Have you noticed that at the beginning of the video it is said that “in this video I will tell you 5 tips, of which the Fifth is the most important/best/easiest of all…” ?

Its job is only to make the viewer watch the video until the end.

Deliver what you promise

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If the post above only had 58 tips, would you be annoyed? Absolutely. Always deliver what you promise.

And here we come to what many writers fear.

“I dare not promise anything, because WHAT IF I CAN’T REDEEM IT?”

Then promise less.

The worst thing about a blog post is that it is too general or scratching the surface. And that’s why you don’t want to read it.

Tell the reader what they will  Phone Number List  get when they finish the post. Just like I did at the beginning of the post. I promised to answer 3 questions and these 3 questions are the red thread of this post. They are subheadings, so if you want to get the answer to just one question, you can directly scroll to it by scrolling through the subheadings and you will know the answer.

You don’t have to promise the reader the moon from the sky. You can promise less but exceed expectations.

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