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This business model requires security policies that adapt to the situation to avoid putting sensitive information at risk. The most affected role in the world of digital transformation is that of the chief information officer. Together with the chief strategy officer, he is no longer directing the business, which is sometimes considered an internal service, but transforming it into a business driver that is critical to the success of the company. important.

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To the center of decision-making. For this purpose these professionals must. Have the skills of a consultant, understand the basics of their Ecuador Phone Number Database industry, understand the latest technologies used on a daily basis and how to implement them. In this way they will be able to anticipate the needs of an increasingly changing and globalized society. The key to starting your digital transformation journey is to be ready and willing to change.

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 Once the process begins you have to realize

That you will no longer be able to stop evolution and of course it will need to continue at a faster pace than you are accustomed to. And having the expert vision of a digital transformation consultancy is crucial in this career. How much does digital Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List business transformation cost? When one wonders how much digital transformation costs, it is enough to compare what a large multinational company spent a few years ago to the cost of running its own computing center.

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