The third search engine is YouTube

Google offers “People also ask” suggestions between the search results. It is a list of questions that others are looking for within the same topic. You can also use these to write your own posts or add answers to the actual post as subheadings, for example.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is not really a social media channel but a search engine. And just like people are looking for information on Google, people are also looking for it on Pinterest.

On Pinterest, you can search with single

Words or sentences of a couple of Philippines Phone Number List words, whichever suits the topic you’re writing about better.

For example, if I type “How to get started” into Pinterest’s search field, I get a huge range of different ideas, such as:

  • How to start saving
  • This is how you back the hall comb
  • Five starting methods you shouldn’t use (for writing)

I can still refine the search criteria or reformulate it, for example “saving” or “investing”, and I can see the new ideas again.

3. Youtube

The third search engine is YouTube

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Whereas Pinterest is used to search for ideas based on images and inspiration, Youtube is done through videos.

The same principle works as a search engine in YouTube. On YouTube, you can sort (filter) the search results, for example, according to how fresh information you want or how long the video is. From the point of view of post ideas, however, the best sort method is how Phone Number List  many videos have been viewed (view count).The more views, the more popular the topic, so you can take an idea and write a post about it. However, remember that the topic must be essentially related to your limited blog topic. No matter how many views a video has, if it’s not related to your topic and you can’t apply it in any way, don’t write about it.

4. Answer the Public

Answer the Public collects questions that are searched for on a specific topic. The service is in English but recognizes the Finnish language well. In the search field, you write, for example, the word “yoga”, change the language and country to Finland, and then just click the “Search” button.

You get the questions in graphic form and color-coded according to how much certain questions are searched on Google.

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