The Third Industrial Revolution Enter

In fact we can say that with the onset of the globalization of electromechanics and transistors the labor movement and its unions gain strength over time although they were unable to prevent adjustments as drastic as the two world wars.  the Century The third industrial revolution came with the arrival of television and the first personal computers. It chang the organizational model of companies and goal-bas work processes were protocoliz and encourag innovation as market differentiation.

The miniaturization of processes and adapt

Production to demand the first robots and machines us in manufactur that replac people on assembly lines, and the emergence of the Uruguay Phone Number Database Internet as a new communication and sales channel have undoubtly had a  major impact on them. Impact on our society. That trip to the moon and the escalation of nuclear weapons re-emphasiz the protection of the Earth, alit with little success, and the process of capital concentration was covertly creat new power.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

As I mention at the ginn, I lieve we experienc the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Advances in comput evident in the five levers that mark the digital transformation journey. Cloud Comput, Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Ths, Mobility, Social Mia, Overall. All of these technological advancements br changes to our daily lives. Some of Kazakhstan Phone Number List these technologies already integrat into our lives in an irreversible way. Others too, alit in less obvious ways. The so-call collaborative economy and low-cost culture represent a true paradigm shift at all economic levels.

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