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Invest in a customiz plan to grow your business licenses that must be purchas every year. Nowadays you can buy all the computing power and storage you want online. Of course it is equally easy to obtain cutting ge technologies such as big. Data analysis by simply paying according to the time of use. Amortization and retirement plans a few years ago were calculat over five years or more. This is unthinkable today. No supplier would risk waiting that long to introduce. An innovation or new product to the market.

Time is no longer measured in months

Return on investment must also consider the opportunity. Cost of not participating in the cycle. Are you willing to bear the cost of not Ecuador Phone Number Database transforming. Do you already have allies in digital transformation consulting and more. New call to action About the last entry Cristina Torrejon Lopez Cristina Torrejon Lopez. New Call to Action How to Propose a Guaranteed. Renovation Project Business Management.

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Operations Now that project work

Has become a thing, allow me to recall a professional job that some of us have done over the years in the relocation departments of many companies. Let’s start by understanding what we do. This is not the migration we often see in nature Egypt WhatsApp Number List documentaries. The word is derived from the Latin verb which means forward to initiate. This is the start of focus forward. If there’s anything to focus on it’s migration projects from one business management solution to another.

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