These are the requirements to set up an online store that you must meet

Starting a business in the digital world is cheaper than setting up a physical store thanks to the Internet. However, as in any business, a series of requirements must be met to set up an online store , which are often unknown to entrepreneurs. We clarify all the questions you need to know about the laws that must be followed when setting up an online store. What are the legal requirements to set up an online store? When facing the opening of an online store, many doubts may arise. The first thing you can find on the Internet when doing a search is information about.

What are the legal requirements to set up an online store?

SEO, social media or web design essential for the digital business to be successful), but nothing related to the mandatory aspects . When setting up an online business, complying with legal obligations is even easier than resolving all the bureaucracy that is. Needed to set up a physical business in most cases. Most of the laws that must be complied Singapore Phone Number Data with involve informing the consumer, therefore, it is advisable to put a link about the company’s policies in the footer of the ecommerce so that users can access them. prison. Before creating an online store There are a series of steps to create a professional online store. But before all of them it is necessary to register as a worker in the corresponding entities. Register with the Treasury. This procedure only involves communicating to the Treasury that a commercial. Activity is beginning to be carried out.

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Before creating an online store

It must be remembered that the  must be paid to the Treasury, a payment that will come from the difference between the output  and the input VAT. In the event that the product is not manipulated and is bought and sold with the same Cyprus Phone Number List the Treasury applies the equivalence surcharge. Register with Social Security. According to the law, all threshold must be registered as self-employed. You have days to do so from the time you register with the Treasury. Form 303 and form must be submitted . This is only necessary if you do not have a physical store. Otherwise, the only thing you have to do is modify the heading of the Economic Activities Tax in the.

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