This has an impact on organizations

HR departments fac with the challenge of manag this new scenario and manag this change lever people to achieve the goals of the organization. The strategies of the past no longer work. We talk about a new individual who does not adapt to the changes but who causes the changes. Through an understand of the digital world you can understand this new universe and navigate it in all as of your life. Accept new traits and their respective unwritten rules.

And its relationship to the means of work

Also different Professional stereotypes outdat. This shift in their professional values is also mark by flexibility, and neither commitment nor involvement in work is what it us to . Not to mention the physical aspects such as an office Senegal Phone Number Database space or a conference room. All their habitats new. We fac an era of change. Organizations forc to respond to the world in a new way, us modern tools and very. Specific and specific skills of their employees codes of conduct values and aspirations.

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All of this must plan to successfully meet

The challenge HR has long en relegat to a bureaucratic and static realm. They currently call upon to advocate for change and come catalysts for apply the most creative, innovative and experimental skills in the organisation. Hav a roadmap Ghana Phone Number List is crucial at this point cause uncertainty seems to the only pillar of security and is incomprehensible with past codes cause it has not yet en explor. This is where the catalytic role of human capital professionals for innovation, creativity.

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