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To have Earth is a way of obtaining electrical energy 24 hours a day without interruption. Clean cheap and always available energy. From a source that won’t stop generating power for billions of years. The question is if all this is so beautiful and promising why don’t we get going nowThe answer as always is not so easy. How the National Space Society sees the capture of space solar energy Source National Space Society Satellites radiation and solar panels Those who defend this method to obtain electrical energy cleanly describe a relatively simple system to make it possible. In space orbiting the Earth we would have satellites like the ones.

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Which makes the system even more expensive. The last drawback since the satellite is so far from Earth if it has a problem it cannot be repaire . But there are similar cheaper alternatives. A simplifie system would use satellites 400 kilometers from Earth small in size place at different points in the orbit. Less cost but also less benefit since they would generate between 1 and 10 MW per satellite photo editor which would cover less demand. This system would use lasers to send the energy which could cause suspicions for its possible military uses. Solar energy from space is clean and practically infinite.

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Source Brand Factory Telef√≥nica Space solar power is coming There are projects relate to the capture of solar energy from space in several countries. Both the Unite States and the Unite Kingdom intend to launch this type of energy generation systems calle space-base solar powerby its acronym SBSP or SSP. In the English case the idea is to start it up in 2030 and make it operational by 2040 at the latest. But you don’t have to Phone Number List wait that long. The California Institute of Technology Caltech plans to launch its first tests in 2023. And beyond the Unite States and the Unite Kingdom countries.

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