Use email marketing

Email marketing is a very effective way to promote your content and connect with your audience. By sending regular newsletters and updates, you can keep your audience informed and engaged with your company. Remember the old saying: “Out of sight, out of mind”. It is especially true in this day and age.

Many entrepreneurs send a newsletter once a month or at worst four times a year. But the harsh fact is that people already have time to forget who you are and what you do. Especially when a person joins your email list, they should be guided through a welcome automation where messages are sent a little more frequently than normal. This way the person gets to know and remember you. When the content is of sufficient quality, he will open your messages in the future as well. Later, the number of messages can be reduced, for example by sending a letter every two weeks.

7 | Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is a popular India Phone Number List marketing technique that requires partnering with influencers to promote products or services. By partnering with influencers, you can take advantage of their large and engaged audience and increase your brand awareness.

The goal of cooperation can be specifically to increase brand awareness, visibility or even sales. Set an exact goal and metrics together, and remember that goals cannot be changed to another during the campaign. Give the influencer semi-free hands to produce the content, but ask to see the content in advance. This is how you ensure that the content is correct and does not contain factual errors (which unfortunately sometimes occur for purely human reasons).

8 | Reuse your content

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Recycling is worth it! Content reuse means taking existing content and reusing it in a different format or on a different platform. This can help you Phone Number List reach a wider audience and get more value from your existing content. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use the old one perfectly? For example, you can take a blog post and format it into five LinkedIn posts and publish them, for example, on consecutive days. Or if you have a Youtube video, you can reuse the content in Reels, Shorts or TikTok.

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