What has been the most rewarding thing about blogging?

But on the other hand, I feel that all the mistakes have been important in terms of the final result. If something were done differently, would the end result be this what it is now? Nobody knows that.

What has been the most rewarding thing about blogging?

Writing and sharing information. Writing has been my love since I was a child. By writing, I express myself in the easiest and most natural way.

Thanks to the blog, I have also found myself a teacher, that is, I enjoy finding information (and specifically researched and substantiated information!) and sharing it with others.

I’ve collected the feedback I’ve received for Canada Phone Number List myself as a “cheat list”, which by reading always improves my mood and increases my confidence in my own work.

When someone comments under the blog article “Thank you for the best instructions I’ve ever received for caring for garden plants and soil!” or I get an e-mail from an environmental professional who praises how well I’ve started to advance the point of view of nature conservation through the ease of yard maintenance, it can’t help but make you smile and be proud of what you’ve done for at least a moment!

What about the most challenging?

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In the blog, the old adage went wrong to the extent that I found the beginning easy and only later came the challenges! I am currently experiencing challenges in renewing myself and creating new articles.

I have a bit of a dream that I  Phone Number List would dare even more strongly to take a stand for the environment and nature on the blog, but this would require more courage. Will it be found, only time will tell.

Thank you Anna very much for the interview and happy years to come for you and your family!

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