What makes a text interesting?

Write from person to person, i.e. from me to you. It makes the text more conversational. I’m writing this to you too, not to you. Don’t pretend and don’t make yourself a distant figure. Readers follow you, not a faceless company.

Try to avoid passive language.

  • I blog for you (active)
  • A blog is written for readers (passive)

Create your own style of writing. I always encourage my students to write as if you were talking to your best friend. Then you are enthusiastic, the text bubbles forward and the feeling between the lines grabs the reader. When the text is written, read it through and edit, i.e. edit out filler words and inconsistencies.

A high-quality text also contains correct and up-to-date information – although we strive to write evergreen content .

By up-to-date information, I mean that things change

We can’t help it. Our task is not to fear that the text we are writing now will be old in a year. Such thinking is totally paralyzing.

Instead, we come back after a year to edit the information, update the blog post and share it again on social media with the updated content. Google also India Phone Number List likes when old posts are updated.

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What makes a text interesting?

We can surely all agree that content that can be read. That was exhaustively said. An interesting text always starts from the title. If I had titled this post “Write interestingly”, you would hardly have come to read this.

The job of the title is to set the mood. What arouses enough curiosity for a person to click on a title on social media or a blog?

Instructions for writing a high-quality title can be found in the community’s training material and in this post . The job of the title is therefore only to arouse curiosity and get the person to the post.

After this, it is the turn of the opening hook or in some cases the term

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The task of the opening hook is to deepen curiosity and get the reader hooked to read more by its name.

I’ll give an example.

Below is a screenshot of one of the most shared blog posts. The title is attractive, relevant and concise. I have also added a small note at the beginning Phone Number List to scroll to the end of the blog post and watch the video – if the reader does not want to read the whole post through.

So I make the reader’s work easier and make the reader stop at the blog post for a longer time. Incidentally, this same technology is used in TikTok and Reels videos. Have you noticed that at the beginning of the video it is said that “in this video I will tell you 5 tips, of which the Fifth is the most important/best/easiest of all…” ?

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