Why start business blogging?

Since a blog is the basis of all marketing, you can easily recycle content by taking phrases from a blog post and making them into pictures for social media. Or condense the post into a short 1-minute Facebook live or video. How about a post summary on Slideshare? Yes, all of this is completely allowed and recommended.

The only important thing is to remember that the same blog post MUST NOT be published in two different blogs with the same content . Namely, if Google notices this, the worst that Google can do is remove one or both blogs from search results for good.

This is especially important in guest bloggingIf you write a guest post on another blog, do not publish the post on your own blog with the same content. Instead, make a summary of the guest pen, add a link to the original publication and publish the summary on your own blog. In this way, the content also becomes different and you can take a new perspective on the content.

Before Yritysblogi can bring you sales, it is important that the foundation is created in the right way

What is business blogging not?

Business blogging is not about telling about the company, what the company wants to do, who the company wants to help and why it is worth Canada Phone Number List becoming a customer of the company.

And business blogging is not about the entrepreneur telling about his day, his pet or the fight with the insurance company / bank / customer / (fill in the blank).

Point. Forget your ego and your excellence. I know this knocks a lot of entrepreneurs off their clouds. The only way to succeed with a business blog is to focus on the reader, i.e. the potential customer.

What does she want,


and what kind of problems can we solve before the final purchase decision? Why start business blogging?

There are countless reasons why you should start blogging for business

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I myself started it for free as a marketing channel. In February 2016, Facebook made algorithm changes* , as a result of which my ads were no longer visible to new customers. Three months of hard work practically evaporated like smoke into the air in one night.

I’m wondering if I want to spend the next three  Phone Number List months learning Facebook advertising again or choose another marketing channel instead. I had founded my company four months earlier, so there was really no money for marketing.

So I decided to start a blog because it was a free way and I liked to write. That’s where it started and the rest is history, so to speak. Someone else might start business blogging because they want to earn an automated income from the start.

A business blog is also a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, here is Jenni’s excellent example:

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