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General of DIKTI, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture and Technology to open learning opportunities for students to hone and improve their abilities according to their talents and interests in preparation for future careers, through the Certified Independent Study Program in 2021.   Talent in accordance with Industry standards. The high enthusiasm of 4,009 applicants throughout Indonesia have registered and taken part in a very strict selection to be able to pass this program. The selection process was very strict and thorough, and today we are proud to announce the 400 Selected Participants of the Merdeka Campus Certified Independent Study Program with Dicoding in 2021. You can see the list of names at the link: https://dicoding.id/DaftarPesertaTereluSIBDicoding.

In determining which students

Omplete initial administrative requirements, and 3) availability of a letter of approval from the supervisor to convert credits from this program. We have contacted selected participants from 151 study programs – 119 universities throughout Indonesia. Good luck to the 400 Selected Students. ws data Don’t let your guard down, because your journey has just begun! For those of you who haven’t been selected, don’t give up and keep working. Open your email (promotion/spam/junk), we have sent an attractive scholarship offer that you can take part in. Have questions about this program? Address it to [email protected].

Let’s prove that Indonesian

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students have global digital capabilities! Regards, Indonesian codingHave you ever heard the term mind mapping? In the world of work, mind mapping can be used to Phone Number List convey important information in a simpler and more interesting way. Mind mapping is the process of depicting the flow of an idea into visual form. Let’s find out more about the benefits and how to make it. Mind mapping is Mind mapping.difficult to connect.  For you to understand the existing concepts.   Process become easier and less boring.

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