Write quality content

Then we get to the fun part, the content that makes you money. In affiliate marketing, I recommend writing these three types of posts . In addition to these, you should write lighter posts that are easy to consume and that strengthen the purchase decision. You link these posts to each other regularly.

Many people think for a long time about what they should write in their first blog post . The worst thing is if you write “Welcome to my new blog, which I use to make money for myself!” Readers don’t need to know that the purpose of the blog is to make money. Readers care about themselves and that they get useful information. So leave yourself and your goals unpublished.

A good publishing pace is one post per week. If the posts are short, you can publish two and even three posts a week. However, I encourage you to take one day once a week during which you write content and first schedule them for the coming weeks. This frees up time for you to write more in-depth posts.

A high-quality blog post will live for at least 700 days, but at best even several years, regularly bringing new readers to your blog. This is how you can earn regularly with a blog text written and published once.

If you are wondering how to write a blog post, read the step-by-step instructions in this post .

6. Get 10,000 monthly readers

It’s not enough to have a blog and write content if no one is going to read it. So you need readers . The first goal is to get 10,000 unique visitors to the blog every month . SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media will help you here.

SEO is not as difficult as it may seem or Canada Phone Number List sound. There are certain things that need to be done, but basically SEO is pretty simple. I personally use the Rank Math add-on for SEO . The plugin guides me to write content that is useful, adds value and is optimized for search engines.

However, SEO takes its own time. It is said that SEO starts to work within 3-6 months of starting a blog, so in the beginning it is important that you market your blog on social media. If you want to spend money, I recommend starting with small amounts (€5 / day, 5 – 7 days at a time).

On Some, you stand out from the crowd when you think of attractive post titles . General and too vague titles do not get clicks. So arouse curiosity but don’t just use clickbait headlines.

7. How to earn 1000 euros?

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There are countless ways to make money fast. Here I have gone through 7 different strategies for making money . Some require a little more time and effort.

But when the goal is to earn 1000 euros, it is important to find a product whose price is more valuable. For example, I myself have sold a €2,000 online course  Phone Number List with the help of a single blog post, in which case I was paid €1,000 in commission. Online courses are indeed one of the best and most productive products that you can use to make money quickly even as a housewife .

There are three best ways to make money in affiliate or referral marketing . By utilizing these methods, you will maximize your own income from the start.

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