You are a genuinely interesting person

With nearly 10 years of coaching experience, I know what gets people to read blogs, so I aim to iron out a few kinks and prevent you from falling into unnecessary pitfalls.

When I first started writing a blog, I thought that even if my blog had only one reader, I would write my blog for him. He deserves me to produce the best possible content and help him move forward.

But let’s get back to how I know that readers want to read your texts.

You are a genuinely interesting person

We all think we are boring. We look at the wonderful lifestyle of celebrities and influencers on social media and dream of the same. And of course you can dream.

But even if you’re not (yet) a celebrity, a social media influencer or even a semi-famous blogger, you still have interesting thoughts, insights and know-how that other people want to talk to you about.

Your task is just to find that one thing around which you want to start building everything.

I know that these days, big bloggers Mexico Phone Number List and influencers talk about everything possible between the earth and the sky. And they’re successful because they’ve been doing it for so long.

They say that overnight success requires 10 years of background work. I believe this is very true. We often forget that those who are successful today have been doing that work for 10, maybe even 15 years.

The world is quite different today than it was 10 and 15 years ago. The objects of interest of people and followers have changed, the outlook on life and the world of values ​​may have changed.

That’s why we can’t follow exactly the same path as those who started 15 years ago.

But you. You my dear reader. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that your life is boring or meaningless, I know that’s not true.

Create a life where you don’t need a vacation

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Last time yesterday, I discussed with my team that I don’t want to describe myself on social media, because my everyday life is so boring. I wake up in the morning, drink my morning coffee, eat breakfast, open the machine and go to work.

During the day I eat lunch, in the afternoon I drink coffee and finish work at 16–17. In the evening, I read a book, clean the house and go for a run. Sometimes in movies too.

Someone might think that my life is really really boring.

But it’s the kind of life I’m enjoying the most right now.

For 19 years I lived in the eye of the hurricane. My life was hectic, unpredictable, sometimes even scary. I remember talking to two different therapists about the fact that I no longer knew what a “normal” everyday life was like, because my own everyday life was living in constant fear and uncertainty.

I lived practically 19 years in full-time Phone Number List  stress. It’s a miracle that I didn’t start drinking, using drugs, and didn’t develop any autoimmune disease.

So now that the children live on their own, I get to enjoy the peace and quiet. I have adjusted my work back to where it was four years ago and the type of work I enjoy the most.


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