You can use Canva’s ready-made templates as help

With Beaver Builder, you can quickly get your pages to look good and look professional. This is important because if the blog looks amateurish, people will leave quickly.

In order for the blog to meet the necessary requirements, create the following pages:

  • front page
  • Blog
  • Take contact
  • Cookies
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Knowledge

In this post you will find the necessary settings for your own blog . In the beginning, the front page is not necessary, although it is worth doing. In Canada Phone Number List the beginning, when there are few posts, you can choose to have only blog posts on the front page. When there is more content, you can use the front page to direct readers forward .

As add-ons, I recommend the following free add-ons (plugins):

  • Rank Math (SEO)
  • Akismet (spam filter)
  • Cache (cache cleaner)
  • Grow by mediavine (social sharing buttons)
  • GDPR Cookie Compliance (cookies)

In addition to these, if you want, you can use

  • Disable Gutenberg
  • Classic Widgets

additional parts. These are mandatory for me, because it is difficult for me to understand the Gutenberg editor.

Editing the appearance of the blog, creating add-ons and pages takes an average of 1-2 days. Remember that the layout of the blog does not have to be perfect, but neat. Editing the appearance can get stuck when trying to polish things to perfection. In the beginning, it’s only important to get a neat look and the necessary elements in order and then focus on producing content.

Readers buy the products you recommend through the content, i.e. the blog posts, not the appearance.

In order for the reader to find the necessary things on the blog, create a nagivation for it . Navigation should only be on one line to look professional and clean. Also, make sure that the blog is user-friendly .

4. Find the right products

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It really matters what kind of products you recommend. You consume the same amount of energy, whether the price of the product is cheap or expensive. With more valuable products, you just make money faster.

So don’t make the purchase decision for  Phone Number List the reader. You can also offer inexpensive products on your blog, but keep the main focus on more valuable products.

The commission structure is also important. So find out if the company pays you based on visitors or purchases .

You should take your time to search for products. Five good and high-quality products that you regularly recommend are enough for you. This way you can maximize your income. The more products you recommend, the more difficult it is for readers to make a decision.

Use a maximum of 3 hours to search for products. You can find suitable products in affiliate networks (Adtraction, Tradedoubler, Tradetracker, Clickbank, Amazon, etc.) or by googling the company name + referral or affiliate.

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