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Be ensured Those not looking to deploy iOS 12 right away can use our Manag Updates feature (starting with Jamf Pro 10.3). Administrators can also prevent profiles from being install, which will prevent end users from installing the iOS 12 beta on their devices. As with any beta software, back up regularly and only install it on devices you are comfortable with. MacOS Mojave (10.14) Mac will also receive a major update this fall in the form of macOS Mojave.

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Be ensured The main new features for end users are the possibility of “dark mode”, dynamic desktop, better control of screenshots, new Phone Number Data privacy controls for Safari and new applications: News, Home, Stocks and Voice Memos. These new features constitute a relevant update for end users. From an IT perspective, Apple Files System (APFS) will support hard disk drives and Fusion Drives. During the week we will have more details on this subject. Apple also preview their multi-year project to bring iOS apps to the Mac. Apple began by adding the News.

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Home, Stocks, and Voice Memos apps to macOS Mojave, and will roll out more tools for developers in 2019. The announcement ends Email List speculation that macOS and iOS will become one system. Rather, the two will continue to exist separately, although. Apple will provide developers with the tools necessary to rebuild their iOS apps on macOS. Once again, Jamf admins will be able to choose whether they want to push this update into the fall when it releases, or if they want to delay the rollout until they have had a chance to test it.

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