Every entrepreneur must know these statistics

After that, you can write the sales page and edit, complete or refine it when the service or course is ready. Another important thing about a sales page is that you track its statistics. Remember that euros lie, but statistics never do. A large part of my customers have been . But the analysis of the statistics has shown almost every time that if more people had gotten to the sales page, more sales would have come. Sales page Masterclassand monitor them regularly: time spent on sales page CTR (click through rate) conversion CTR = (those who clicked the purchase button / unique visitors to the sales page) x 100 Conversion = (number of buyers / unique visitors to the sales page) x 100 The average of both must be at least 2%.

Disappointed if there have not been enough sales

How to get started? Whether you have a short or long sales page, a service description or just an online store product description, the first step is to calculate CTR and conversion. Usually, this new database information is obtained from Google Analytics or another analysis program. . We take what works and keep it, and only modify and improve what doesn’t. When you want inside information about sales pages, join here . You can choose one of three free gifts for yourself. Now you know what a sales page is and why it is an essential part of your sales funnel. What kind of questions came to your mind about this post? Sources: Hubspot Marketing Experiments Neil Patel Psst .

Healing and not all content should be rewritten

Pin this post to Pinterest What is a sales page and why is it an essential part of your sales funnel? How to write a blog anonymously & how to get readers for such a blog? To start blogging | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen How to write a blog anonymously and how to get readers for such a blog? Is it even possible or has acting online anonymously been made Phone Number LT impossible already? other questions in this post. From time to time, I have written tips and reflections for my newsletter subscribers, in which I have reviewed the pros and cons of writing anonymously. The topic sparks a nice discussion every time and I have received many reasons (in addition to my own thoughts) why someone wants to write a blog anonymously.

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