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Spread the Love Previous article How to start the work you’ve en putt off Next article Renown architecture and design duo curate their creative workspace from home Juan Cos is a business coach and digital strategist at the firm.The opportunity to inspire others and sh his ideas with like-mind people. Thank you and others for discuss build community in multi-residential builds Edit by Year Month Day Food Drive One of the key discussions among property management companies today is how to foster a sense of community and encourage resident participation in multi-residential builds.

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Owners must ask themselves when plann for the future is your residents happy? Host exclusive resident events is a useful way to encourage Uganda WhatsApp Number Database stronger connections tween residents. Community-driven events allow property managers to put residents first, which is proven to increase occupancy goals and keep rental turnover rates low. Activities range from enjoyable team-build projects to wine tast and outdoor.

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Budget for  events there still cost-effective and even free ways to get involv. For example, the senior vice president of asset services works Algeria WhatsApp Number List with a local animal shelter to host puppy visits in the lobby of her build. It’s completely free and residents love these puppies. The event is also a way for the property team to raise donations for the shelter. Lamy also recommends pair events with wine, which opens up the opportunity for some great event names such as Puppies and Pinot or Wine and Sw.

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