How to select your microphone using Camtasia

You can choose from one of the pre-determin regions or choose “select an area to record” to select a custom region. Pro tip: If you do plan on recording your entire desktop. it might be worth tidying it up a little to ensure there is nothing distracting or unwant in your video. Step 3: Record your audio If you’re narrating your recording. then we suggest writing a script. or at least some talking points.

Having a script in place is a good way to ensure you

Cover all the most important points without veering off-topic. For now. however. just choose which microphone africa email list  you want to record from and decide whether you want to record your computer’s system audio. Then. when you’re ready to stop the recording. click the recorder icon in the taskbar. We told you it was easy! Record your screen on Windows today! Download one of our free screen recorder trials to quickly and easily record your computer screen on Windows.

Download now! Snagit icon Step 4

It your video While you can do some simple iting in Snagit. Camtasia comes with a much more powerful and feature-rich built-in video itor. That said. it’s still incribly easy to use. How to trim a video in Camtasia When iting your video. the first thing you’ll want to do is cut out any mistakes and errors. You can do this by selecting them with the playhead. and clicking Cut. You can also trim footage from the beginning and end of your Phone Number List recording by dragging either end of the clip in the timeline. Once you’ve trimm your footage accordingly. you can play around with Camtasia’s more advanc features and add a wide range of different effects. Step 5: Produce and share Finally.

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