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There’s a part of its e-commerce activities, the company also pays for plugins for the online store. It is worth taking care of advertising budgets. Promotion in social meia is important, as well as investing in SEO. Also remember that running a business involves fees. And so the Czech “ZUS” is 29.2 percent. – social insurance rate. You also have to pay for health insurance – it’s 13.5 percent. dimension base. The PIT rates in the Czech Republic are 15 and 22 percent. Czech online store. What is worth knowing? Shops in the Czech Republic operate on similar principles as companies in Poland. 

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An what is the e-commerce market like in the Czech Republic? According to data from the Chamber of Electronic Economy, there are currently 10.6 million people living photo editor in the Czech Republic. It is almost 4 times less than in Poland, but it is worth fighting for the local market. 90 percent population has access to the Internet, and the number of e-shops reaches 50,000. Shop in Czech – how? Shops in the Czech Republic earn a lot. On average, consumers spend $363, and more than half of the population shop online. Shops in the Czech Republic are happy to go online.

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Interestingly, there is no single clear leader. We have major players on the Polish market, such as Allegro or OLX, with whom it is difficult to compete. The Czech online store is for everyone. There are currently about 50,000 e-shops on the market. These are small shops in the Czech Republic. The Czech market has the largest number of shops in all of Europe, taking into account the number of inhabitants. The share of foreign Phone Number List customers in the online space is also growing. This is great news for Polish companies that plan to sell in the Czech Republic.

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