Marketing Analytics Tools to Eliminate Guesswork

Marketing analytics tools are used to measure and analyze data to seek patterns and insights that can improve marketing performance. These days, you can’t do online marketing without digital marketing tools. Moreover, you will need multiple  tools for multiple purposes because the ultimate all-in-one marketing tool hasn’t been invented yet. In this guide, we’ll go through nine essential  tools that will help you become a more data-driven marketer and eliminate the unnecessary guesswork. 1. Google Analytics 4 When Google first launched this tool to the public in 2005, the demand killed the servers.

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To be lucky to get it (seriously, it was similar to winning a lottery). That says it all about the need for a free tool for monitoring and reporting website traffic. After so executive data many years, this is still the most popular tool, and it’s still free. Simply put, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) comes with almost everything you need to see how many people visit your website and how they use it. And honestly, it’s easier to list what GA4 doesn’t have—so here are the key missing features: Heatmaps and session recordings (for these, use a tool like Hotjar) Full access to raw data Self-hosting GDPR and EU compliance (GA is illegal in France and Austria); try Matomo instead for a more privacy-conscious solution But make no mistake here. GA4 is an amazingly capable platform with tons of useful integrations.

Marketing Analytics experience

When marketers want something that GA4 doesn’t have, they just get another tool for that specific job (e.g., Hotjar). So if you need a free website analytics tool that’s easy to Phone Number List use and even easier to set up, you can’t go wrong with GA4. Pricing Free. There’s also a premium, paid version as part of the Google Marketing Platform (basically, a solution for enterprises). Highlighted feature When you set up your GA account, definitely check out the Explorations tool. It’s like your own research lab for web analytics. The Explorations tool allows you to create custom reports that go beyond the information provided by standard reports.

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