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To these three different analysts they ne to verifi and real feasibility they ne to captur and manag and visualiz they ne to shown and understood and value nes to important and relevant. By judiciously combin these characteristics and us algorithms that interpret the collect data and provide prictions of its havior, Big Data allows us to obtain knowlge points and differentiat innovations appli to the business that will translate into advantages over competitors. One of these nefits is the improvement of demand plann thereby increas sales and improv ROI by optimiz available resources.

Platform must ready to handle the amalgamation

The environment  internal databases contain information and unstructur data about supply chain sales bill and budget. Database web Bulgaria WhatsApp Number Database content social data and sentiment analysis macro indicators and various reports and all new statistics from sens and IoT. You have to find the formula that homogenizes all the data so that it can integrat whether it comes from a database or from the same charts and dashboards.

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You have to work with traditional data first

They constitute an important source of high-quality information that we always have in our systems but we do not actively use them for demand plann. Once we get past the first phase we have to integrate these new New-Zealand Phone Number List unstructur data sources. In the latter we must also incorporate so-call metadata, i.e. parallel information of interest such as when and where this data was obtain from what device or terminal it was obtain and who creat it and especially its traceability.

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