Strategic planning of DEM campaigns

But that’s not what dem b2b campaigns are for. Because just as it’s easy to create. Send and manage a dem campaign. It’s equally easy for recipients to cancel. Ignore. Move to a folder or unsubscribe. Your inbox is probably also a target of spam and in the morning when you open your email you scroll Strategic planning of until you find the messages that seem interesting and worthy of attention. While everything else is trash.

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Your emails to end up like this! The benchmarks regarding the opening rate and click-through of marketing emails have been stable B2b Leads since 2012 with very low numbers: average open rate of 20% and ctr as low as 3%. If your email marketing campaigns are performing worse. It’s time to review your strategy. Find out how to improve conversions by downloading the free ebook “introduction to email marketing” don’t lose sight of the goal very important: the objective of an email marketing campaign is not to set up a commercial meeting. But to bring the contacts back to the company website .

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The average reading time for an email is around 20 seconds. So first. Don’t send too long ones. In addition to being concise. Include images. Links. And highlight Phone Number List titles and key phrases with bold and larger fonts. The number one rule. However. And it is also the most overlook one. Concerns the subject field. If it doesn’t arouse curiosity and encourage you to click to open the email. No one will click the link and you won’t have qualifi visitors returning to the site. Memories? This was the declar objective .

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