The 11 most common mistakes in a newsletter

A Newsletter is an important part of the email marketing strategy, but it is a very specific action. Let me explain, we can say that email marketing covers much more, it is a whole strategy that we implement to acquire new clients, develop relationships, interact with The 11 most contacts, generate trust and increase sales. It is also a very important part of our content strategy. These emails will begin to increase the numbers of our inbound marketing . In the case of the Newsletter, as I say, it is a very specific part of this entire email marketing strategy .

Neglecting matters

Therefore, it is important to differentiate that if you only send Newsletters, you are not doing email marketing. You are sending emails to your subscribers about news about your brand or interesting news, with the aim of building loyalty and  generating trust. Newsletter is just one part of email marketing The newsletter is part of email marketing In this executive data post I want to focus only on these specific emails, that is, on the most common errors in a newsletter, which I hope can help you. Although obviously, many of the errors of email marketing in general also apply to the Newsletter.

Do not make a call to action or put it at the end

After this clarification between the terms email marketing and Newsletter, let’s get down to business. Therefore, I am going to review these errors that I have identified as actions that will not help you make your Newsletter successful. 1- Be too extensive Phone Number List The 11 most Messages that are too long are not well accepted. We have to keep in mind that people receive thousands of messages every day, we read many posts, we are facing “digital infoxication.” Therefore, if we send Newsletter with messages that are too long, people, due to information saturation, lack of time and various reasons, will not read us. 

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