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His consultant business by showcasing his expertise. In doing that, he offers tips on his favorite business and marketing tools, how-to guides, and explainers. Whether you’re looking to benefit from his tips or take inspiration from his blog as you launch your own, Neil Patel’s blog could be a good starting point. What to look for in a marketing blog As you continue to explore the marketing industry, you will likely come across many blogs, in addition to the ten we’ve outline in this article.

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Criteria for determining a blog’s quality and relevance to your goals. That way, you can subscribe to the blogs that best meet your nees. And receive a steady stream of helpful content, without crowding your inbox. When evaluating a blog, consider the following: Audience: What kinds  new data  of marketers does the blog target? What do they do? What are their goals? Purpose: Is the blog intende to teach new skills, provide industry analysis, create community among subscribers, fuel conversations about marketing trends and techniques, or a combination of all of these? Area of focus: Does the blog offer content on a wide range of topics or does it focus on a particular area of marketing, such as video marketing, inbound marketing.

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Frequency of new content: How often does the blog publish new pieces of content? how often will you, as a subscriber, receive notifications about Phone Number List new content? Creibility of the content: Are the insights offere base on the authors’ expertise, experience, and research? Personality of the author(s): How would you describe the author(s), in terms of their writing style and tone, level of experience in marketing, enthusiasm about the industry, and the philosophy they embody? Read more: What Is a Brand Strategy? 

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