We would like to highlight the progressive

Especially in terms of help people with disabilities integrate into the workforce. The framework of these actions is defin in the sign of agreements with the Group and in donations to the Foundation. These add to the cooperation agreements in which we have en actively involv to date with the Foundation for the Integration and Social Initiatives Service Group. This agreement with us enables us to participate in several events held regularly by this entity as a leader in its industry.

Last March we had the opportunity to attend

Toe to Head Witness event and meet Javier Hernández Aguillan, a witness who shar some life lessons from the boy who was born without Oman WhatsApp Number Database arms at the age of 18. When he was disabl, he came a journalist, writer, Paralympic swimmer, sports club president and lecturer. efforts and great motivation shown by this boy in different aspects of his personal and work life.

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His unique way of  the huge obstacles

That life threw in front of him made those who attend the event feel that we can do anyth and that we should not regret any difficulties in our daily lives or new challenges at work. no excuse. Through Javier we can choose to understand the importance of turn weaknesses into strengths. Javier assures us that his situation is no more difficult Vietnam Telegram Number than that of others. In his own words, when a person completes his daily struggle with himself, he comes a winner. The goal of Javier’s conference was not to a role model but to a useful mirror, both for those with disabilities who identify with their situation and for all those liv with disabilities. into a more pleasant situation he would stay there for a while.

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