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The cloud and adjust the costs of these infrastructures cause they will paid per use. Us multiple applications in most cases requires an integration process tween them so it is necessary to analyze each integration and its feasibility in each type of cloud delivery as there may limitations that make these integrations difficult. or a mix environment.  Abandon exist applications due to their lower usage nefits for the organization and replac obsolete applications with new applications design for native cloud environments.

Select the model first as it inherently

Implies infrastructure. Ruction in management costs. Cost simulation of different cloud service models and the main value is the ability to Jordan WhatsApp Number Database adjust the service cost accord to the consumption of contract resources in case the cost is relat to the numr of users who use the application so the cost is easily.

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The advantages of pay per use can easily

Turn into disadvantages if the size of the contract resources does not match the actual nes of the organization, either in terms of available time or quantity of resources. This usually happens when an on-premises infrastructure model is Vietnam Phone Number List copi to a new model in the cloud. For example, the procurement scale of servers requir by an organization is determin bas on the maximum capacity requir and the growth forecast for the next few years. Replicat this model in the cloud squanders the elasticity and scalability features while increas the recurr cost of the model The model to  must therefore.

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