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Tips for determin what content you can trademark All trademarks fundamentally about protect your intellectual property your intellectual property first. Fortunately this doesn’t have to be a difficult or painful process. Start by sitt down and mak a list of all the creative assets you own whether you use them or not. This can befrom trade secrets to a logo you draft. Once you have your list, decide which items you want to trademark. Note where each item falls in the process, if applicable. You can return to this list and update it as you continue.

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Research before fil an application with the USPTO to minimize the possibility of try to register a mark that is too similar to someone else’s. You ne to ensure that the name and logo you plan to use do not pose any risk of infrement. The primary reason Cayman Islands Email List for trademark rejection is alleg likelihood of confusion, where the USPTO determines that your mark is likely to be confus with someone else’s mark. There trademark search tools to help you and you ne to make sure you search the database first. You may also want to consider hir professional help which we will detail below.

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Here that might surprise you. When seek trademark registration Before trademark your logo it is best to protect your wordmark which is the word or sequence of words that you use for your brand. There is a very specific reason for this. When you Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List successfully register a trademark for a word or a series of words the trademark covers any use of those words regardless of color, font size, etc. The key exception is where the brand name is descriptive and therefore unlikely to qualify for trademark registration.

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