Analytics Even today in the era of digital

What does my future hold Let me check in the dashboard Business Intelligence Business Management SME News Business  transformation Many companies and organizations have gurus or enlightened figures who appear in the decision-making process. They are the only ones who seem to know the way to go or who seem to know the secret. No one knows better. In short, a leader who consults an oracle to make decisions.

Yes there are still CEOs in this role

But of course some of you will think that the CEO or failing that the Regional Manager can make decisions between their functions Lithuania Phone Number Database and responsibilities. The issue is Are these characters and their abilities no longer needed due to technological innovations Well quite the opposite. They remain as important as ever. Furthermore if in traditional economic theoretical models technological innovation is simply considered a factor of production then digital transformation.

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Has changed this paradigm and its impact

On the daily lives of companies and company personnel. Currently it is much larger. Those in charge must add the integration of technological innovations in their equipment and processes to their list of functions. Well decisions Benin Phone Number List should not be based on consulting an oracle but should be based on knowledge and not based on tips from tea leaves or the mists of a crystal ball. Indeed for several years the business world has been synonymous with objectivity and analysis in decision-making.

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