The Association Management Advancement

The speaker was a manager of a multinational company that produc food for children and attendees. Some of them were managers of important companies and were a little older. These products seem far away from them, at least to them personally.  recently organiz a conference on the theme of Everyth Not Simultaneous: Critical Horizons for Growth and Innovation. The speaker is a manager of a multinational company that produces children’s food. To the attendees, most of these products from large companies.

The managers already a little older

These products seem far away from them, at least for their personal use. It was business as usual in these meets. In the first analysis, the market uses four adjectives to summarize the changes: volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity, which indicates Canada WhatsApp Number Database that the market situation is increasly complex and unprictable. Next, we review the intensity of competition and the aggressiveness of new players, point out globalization and how to treat large and small businesses equally.

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Which continue to change the rules of the game

The era of digital transformation due to their agility. . Speakers also cit changes in consumer habits. The trend is to go back to nature and avoid artificial additives, preservatives, flavors and colours. It seems that the desire to live a healthy life Panama Phone Number List and live tter is gett stronger every day. This is why environmental awness of healthy food and a clear commitment to health catch on. It was all fun and speculative until he start talk about the disruptive technologies that sure to emerge throughout the year’s journey.

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