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There seems to no short- to mium-term strategy that should not consider the emergence of their new products and services to completely wipe out those they displace. But what to do? Accord to the dictionary destructive means to cause destruction. Wikipia clarifies otherwise Disruptive technology is defin as a technology or innovation that causes a product or service to disappear. These technologies favor strategies that produce significant breakthroughs over sustainable strategies. In the last few years we can find many examples of these technologies in digital television or analogue. Digital and analog photography.

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Adoption is very rapid and the products they replace almost completely disappear. The speaker explain how he lieves these Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number Database technologies impact his market, the distribution market. He did this from three Go shopp. as Amazon, Alibaba, or others is chang the way consumers access products. The various offers can compar, along with the comments of other consumers, their arguments for and against, and their suggestions, mean the buyer bargain power.

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Accord to Michael Porter Five Forces

Puts greater pressure on companies to ensure they offer more High-quality products. At a tter price. This digital space is a facilitator of direct Pakistan Phone Number List relationships tween buyers and sellers and provides all the ancillary services requir to conduct transactions. The question we can ask ourselves is will everyth end up in four multi-sector portals with first-class financial logistics services? The emergence of new technologies Information and communication technologies lay the foundation for a new techno-economic paradigm.

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