Remember that the wheel should not be reinvented

It reminded me that if you want to earn income by blogging anonymously, be prepared to be disappointed. exhausted in anonymous blogging is trust. Although there are exceptions [like this amazing blogger] earning income anonymously is hard work. In my opinion, anonymity and the acquisition of income always raises suspicion. Do I want to support a possible gray economy by buying products from a blogger who does not give his name? What is the blogger possibly hiding? post, reading the blog will pretty much stop there. blog should start with a brand new email address. Like something that cannot be connected to you in any way.

Decide on a descriptive name for the blog

Change city, address and edit date of birth. Tor network. If you use a nickname when writing a blog, don’t use it anywhere else. Someone might recognize your nickname and thus find out who writes the blog. Think carefully about the topic of the blog. This applies to every blog, whether it’s a fashion, lifestyle, business, expert or anonymously written blog. The latest database name of the blog should always create the right image. If the blog has the word hotel in its name, shouldn’t the blog be about travel? Yes. If the name of the blog does not match the content, it is quite difficult to get readers. It is possible for you to set up a blog anonymously by taking the so-called shared hosting service ( for example, Bluehost is like this ). This means that in official records, Bluehost “owns” the domain and the blog, even though the blog is yours.

If you want to take this even further, there’s always the

Whenever a domain is acquired, it is entered in the public directory. Finding out the ownership of a domain is not difficult and is done surprisingly often. But when you acquire a blog through Bluehost, for example, Bluehost’s information is entered in the register and not yours. The service is of course subject to an additional fee, but the price is a few tens of dollars Phone Number LT per year. What should you tell about yourself? I have started an anonymous blog a couple of times and tried to write it under a “fake identity”. I made these blogs entirely as a test, because I wanted to see how much the author’s gender affects credibility. In other words, I tried to write like a man And FYI, neither of these blogs exist anymore.

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