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But I ran into the same problem both times. When I created a fake persona, it was surprisingly difficult to maintain the personal story. The more I wrote, the harder it was to remember what I had written before about my work and my family. And such inconsistencies and even mistakes take away credibility pretty quickly. Another problem was my writing style. It shines through quite strongly and if someone else writes in the same style as me and if they have read this particular blog, they can quite easily connect 1 + 1. So what should you tell about yourself? If you want to write anonymously, tell as little as possible about yourself.

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Of course, you can always say you live in Oulu, even if you actually live in Tampere.  you “live” in . The only way to maintain this backdrop is to write a story about yourself. A believable story. You should special data read the story every time before you start writing. This will help you stick to the right story and make fewer mistakes. How is it possible to get readers? This is where we come to the biggest stumbling block. How can you share posts on social media without telling who you are? In fact, the problem is even deeper, because you need to be able to set up new social media channels for an anonymous blog. And THAT is hard.

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Instagram Of course, you can create an Instagram account anonymously on a computer, but you cannot upload photos to the service. You always need a smartphone for that. The IG app is downloaded with your own credentials either from the Google Play store or the App Store, so anonymity is not realized here. And even if you get a separate scheduling Phone Number LT program (Planoly or Hootsuite) through which you could schedule IG photos, you need either the mobile app or its IG ID to get posts from your computer to Instagram… Facebook Facebook used to have a function where you could choose which user or page you share content with and comment on. From time to time I find it, but often I don’t.

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