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It is not yet possible to automate operations but it is clear that operators will update their roles to focus on higher value tasks such as data analysis and customer management without neglecting the processing of new elements or robotic picking arms to keep items under control and eliminate margins of error. Environmentally friendly transportation. Autonomous transport within warehouses is already a reality but there is still a lot of work to be done on roads and streets at the level of telecom road safety or legislation.

What is certain is that it will be electric

At least non-polluting Using more sustainable materials throughout. The chain is one of the key aspects of reducing plastic use. In fact the Green Logistics Mark will serve as a recognition for the company. That its sustainability is seen as a competitive India Phone Number Database advantage. The last mile. All the pressure is on covering last mile profits shrinking delivery times. Shortening municipal legislation restricting logistics activities in town nerve centers etc.

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We have to find new delivery alternatives

Incorporate them into the delivery process. In this sense the cooperation and competition of electric cars, bicycles and scooters and even taxis, free delivery drivers and postmen are all working towards the mission of perfect delivery. Deliver alternatives. Drones are not yet an alternative, at least in Spain, as drone legislation does not allow either office Albania Phone Number List buildings or homes to be ready to receive parcels autonomously and unattended. Indeed equally disruptive alternatives are being developed such as neutral delivery point kiosks.

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