Content and entertainment at events: hybrid customer experiences

At this point we can respond to the rest of the objections that I listed at the beginning of the article. Well, we talk about the main components.  Of the customer experience during the event. How can we create a relevant user experience in a 100% online event.  How can we get our event to go from being  .just another Zoom meeting”? We are limited because our assistant only has a computer, but this is where strategic thinking and creativity . Play a fundamental role. How can we break the digital barrier and integrate attendees into the event?

Types of settings for conferences and event performances

Most of the online events or webinars to which we have been . Invited in recent months took the form of a brief on-camera presentation. Followed by the presentation of the speaker and the final questions of the chat. This format may be fine for internal . Training, for a small one-off event, etc. But if we want to do something top industry data more powerful, we have to break the barrier that the computer screen represents. Real scenario, virtual assistants. During these months we have seen a multitude of initiatives (events, TV programs, sports competitions, etc.), which sought a way to energize . The experience of attendees. Some notable examples are.

The future of events after the coronavirus

If you look closely, there are some of the things that we have seen that solve or reinforce weak points of traditional events. In my opinion, networking platforms will be one of the things that will eventually become standard in the industry. Not only as part of the events, but as another tool Phone Number List and even integrated with social networks. Can you imagine that Linkedin integrated a solution similar to Lunchclub? I think it would be a revolution to your business model! It would be a good way to energize and add value to those commercial contacts that are currently made by message (and in many cases as pure spam ).

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