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To leave the business knowlge in the hands of a third party. That is the importance of hav an in-house department. It provides companies with the autonomy to model and rirect. The core business operations and the ability to adapt them. And very cful that we don’t trip over the same stone a third time. Now we ne to make sure that everyth our internal teams do doesn’t come obsolete cause of regulatory changes or important technology changes. This evolution must ensure the coexistence of core business and backend. All in the same environment.

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Support to internal teams work on business implementation and innovation. and mentor into the management team and link to Peru Phone Number Database business strategy. All in all we all agree that we increasly talk about business rather than technology. we did even know we had dur our good years in college. If business people no longer new to technology. Issues then CIOs ne to prepar to understand and analyze business issues.

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Intelligence Enterprise Resource Plann Business Management Technology & Trends Cloud Business Strategy It’s time to purchase Dominican-Republic Phone Number List Measure the space occupi by machines to see if we have room on our assembly lines. And change cars to see if the park space is small. When it comes to buy summer clothes we hesitate cause the clothes in our closet the same size we wear every day but the clothes we just bought one size larger.

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