Do I have to be featured as a blogger?

Do I have to be featured as a blogger? [Reader Question]

And if so how much?

When blogs started to become more common, it was very typical for the blogger to be anonymous. It gave protection to write about sensitive topics and tell about things that you wouldn’t dare to tell otherwise.

Over the years, however, bloggers have come out with their own faces and names, because it builds trust and credibility much more than writing anonymously and facelessly.

But a sensitive topic may not be the only reason why a blogger does not want to be recognizable.

For example, fear of other people’s reactions, feedback or bullying can prevent a blogger from coming out with his own face and name.

What should you do then?

Do I have to be featured as a blogger? [Reader Question]

The very first thing you need to do is define the boundaries you are within. Think about what you want to share about yourself and your family and what you don’t. Children also have the right to their own privacy, so if you have children, it is important for you to India Phone Number List think about how much you want them to be exposed.

If being exposed and being recognized scares you, you can start stretching the truth a little.

I never recommend lying, but telling certain things a little beside the point.

These include information from which you can be easily identified.

  • If you have one child, tell them you have two.
  • If you’re dating, tell them you’re engaged.
  • If you’re single, say you’re dating.
  • If you live in Tampere, tell me that you live in Pirkanmaa.

Something small that is easy to remember

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It is not worth creating a completely new identity, because along the way it can be difficult to remember what has been said. And if your content starts  Phone Number List to show inconsistencies, readers will be able to quickly decipher them. It erodes your credibility and trustworthiness and at worst makes readers stop reading your blog.

You can be featured without being recognized

The good news is that you can be featured without being recognized. You can take pictures of yourself where your face is not visible. Below are some examples.

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