Doubleclick Improves Its Email Management Service

Press release:  Inc. (Nasdaq: DCLK), the largest provider  Improves of purpose-built tools for advertisers and Double click agencies, direct marketers and website publishers, today announced the launch of DARTmail 4.0 at the DMA Annual Conference in Orlando. . DARTmail 4.0, an enhanced email platform that addresses the growing needs of marketers and publishers, offers customers advanced reporting capabilities, enhanced subscription management tools, and integration with DoubleClick Ensemble, a marketing automation platform.


Doubleclick Improves DART mail 4.0, which represents

The most significant improvement since the company data product’s launch, has taken into account the specific needs of marketers and publishers. The product offers sophisticated customizable reporting tools for both marketers and publishers. Designed to give customers a more complete picture of their email initiatives, new features in DARTmail 4.0 include customizable delivery and response reports with a wide area of ​​metrics and data, automated reporting, and ad-hoc reporting across multiple formats, as well as preparation of response curves and list and purchase reports for editors.


Doubleclick Improves Integration with Ensemble

Campaign management software, in addition Phone Number List to previous integration with SiteAdvance website Double click measurement and analytics tool, provides clients with a comprehensive marketing automation solution that enables management, planning, execution and analysis of multichannel marketing campaigns. “We expect DARTmail 4.0’s enhanced reporting system to provide us with an even greater level of feedback data on our clients’ campaigns, which in turn will allow us to improve analytics and provide them with greater strategic support,” says Eri. Golembo, Executive Vice President of Acceleration eMarketing.

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