Grow by Tradedoubler the division of Tradedoubler that offers affiliate marketing

Currently, most large affiliate marketing companies, in addition to a commission, charge a fee for the management of their services. This fact means that only large retailers can afford these types of costs. With the aim of offering this service to small ecommerces and thus being able to help them in their sales, Tradedoubler has created ‘ Grow by Tradedoubler’, a division of the company aimed at SMEs and local agencies. In order to learn more in depth about the advantages offered by a division like Grow by Tradedoubler, we have spoken with Soraya García Merino, General Director Spain, Portugal, Latam & Turkey and Ariadna Martínez, Grow by Tradedoubler Customer Support Executive.

With what objective did the company create Grow by Tradedoubler

The affiliate channel is a very profitable category email list digital marketing strategy for online stores to grow their businesses and an opportunity for digital marketing agencies to increase the results of their clients, since the advertiser only pays a commission per sale generated versus the payment per clicks (SEM) or monthly fee (SEO) on other channels. As it is a strategy with reduced costs and a high return on investment, we think it would be good to make this channel available to SMEs, start-ups and digital marketing agencies that want to help their clients implement a performance marketing strategy as an option for obtain visibility, traffic and sales with reduced budgets. Hence, Grow by Tradedoubler serves to “democratize the access of SMEs and start-ups to performance marketing” , which is what defines the objective of Grow by Tradedoubler.

What are the main benefits of using affiliate marketing

Through an affiliation network you Phone Number List obtain direct access to all these types of affiliates (more than 2,000 in the Spanish market). The network manages the recruitment, negotiation, and billing with these affiliates, saving advertisers a huge amount of time and resources. The deduplication and tracking sales allocation technology used by the affiliate network is not available to all advertisers. Finally the ROI. As it is a 100% sales-oriented strategy (you only pay per sale generated) the return on investment is very high, since paying only for the sale you also get visibility and traffic for free.

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