How and why to segment people in an email list?

How and why to segment people in an email list? Email marketing can sometimes bring big emotions to the surface. Both in customers and entrepreneurs. When implemented correctly, email marketing is still the most cost-effective form of marketing.

Email marketing is not just a sales message when you feel like it or when the cash register is empty. Customers are not machines from which money can be pumped out as much as you like.

Before long, email lists that contain only sales will dry up, leaving behind big costs and little sales.

So that this doesn’t happen to you, in this post I’ll give you tips on how to segment people on your email list and why segmentation is important in the first place.

How and why to segment people in an email list?

Let’s first go into the reasons why people should be segmented. At the end of the post, I show step by step how segmentation can be done. I also remind you here that if you don’t have an email list yet or you want to change service provider, I cooperate with Active Campaign. If you use my affiliate link, I will help you for free and build, among other things, the automation of three emails and the joining process for you for free.  Send a message and we’ll talk more .

Segmentation helps you categorize people Oman Phone Number List based on their interests. For example, if you offer your customers three different levels of online courses – basics, advanced and professional – your marketing and sales message will be different for each target group.

Then it makes sense to build three different tunnels and segment people into these. People can be moved from one segment to another based on how they perform. Let’s go through these at the end of the post.

Segmentation also helps in sales. You can separate from the big list the people who open 80% of your messages, and target them with the best offers and campaigns.

Another option is to see during the campaign

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I myself have used this method several times and increased the gross sales received during the launch or campaign by several thousand euros.

Segmentation helps you maintain a high-quality email list. If you have thousands of people on your email list, but only 20% of them open your messages, before long your message delivery will decrease.

With the help of segmentation, you can also differentiate Phone Number List  between service customers better. For example, if you offer personal coaching or consulting. You can group the people on your email list based on how interested they are in your services.

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