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So what I want to emphasize is that the deciding factor is people, not technology. On the other hand it is clear that in the field of information technology we are more concern with following certain technological fashions and ensuring that users adapt to the system rather than prioritizing usability and personalization in the background. This situation has chang radically in recent years. When we always talk about return on investment, how are the benefits of people development calculat from a financial

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Has to be made, whether the position in this new and ever changing. Business environment is at risk innovation technology. And trends Paraguay Phone Number Database digital transformation, information systems, I remember that I At the beginning of the working world division of a multinational company. More than a dozen developers work alongside a team of outside consultants. I have great memories of that time.

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After working for several companies I ended up

At a software manufacturer which allow me to meet many companies of different sizes from different industries in a short period of time. I’ve been here for many years. But currently serves as Marketing Director. Strange well maybe not so Denmark Phone Number List much By analyzing the careers of my colleagues at the School of Informatics in Barcelona who are now in their fifties I confirm that my case is not exceptional. They are spread among teachers, civil servants, businessmen, consultants and other different types of managers like me. I took advantage of a meeting with a few of these friends a month ago to discuss how we see our future in society.

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