Phygital experience: the best of two worlds, combined

New technologies have made our reality increasingly less physical and more digital. However, while these offer multiple benefits that have greatly simplified our lives, they will never be able to completely replace human interactions, as well as some processes. In the middle of these two worlds, the phygital experience arises , which combines the advantages of each of them. What is the phydigital experience? The phygital experience can be. Defined as the fusion of physical stores with electronic commerce with the aim of offering a unique user experience , in a framework that integrates the best of each of these worlds. Therefore, it could be said that. It is something like a symbiosis, in which a brand is present in two different universes that are combined, but being considered as the same entity. This combination of the physical world and the digital world is possible thanks to omnichannel .

Digital Signage: digital advertising in the real world

Channels, but all of them unified. That is, all previous interactions can be tracked. But in addition to omnichannel, other concepts are needed to make the term phygital a reality, such as immediacy, personalization, interaction and immersion . An example would be when we go to a physical store and use a machine to purchase. Without Hong Kong Phone Number Data having to interact with the staff. Digital Signage: digital advertising in. The real world In addition to those mentioned, there is another element that can be used to create a. Tangible phygital strategy , but which is used in the context of digital advertising. Digital signage or dynamic or multimedia digital signage.

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Why has it become the latest big marketing trend?

It consists of the use of digital screens to display advertising content in physical spaces , from digital billboards on the streets to screens or touch panels in stores and shopping centers. This technology allows the creation of dynamic and Armenia Phone Number List attractive content that is capable of capturing the attention of those who are nearby. In addition, they can adapt to the. Context or location in which they are located. As well as personalize them depending on their audience. Another notable feature of digital signage is interactivity. Since consumers. As for the specific content, static or moving images are used that can be alone or accompanied by text.

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